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[006] Cambridge in England

[006] Cambridge in England

June 30, 2018

Explore Europe Cambridge, England Podcast Episode Show Notes

Here are the show notes from our Explore Europe Cambridge episode. 

The University City of Cambridge comprises 31 Colleges and over 150 departments, museums and other institutions. Founded in 1209 and granted a Royal Charter by King Henry III in 1231, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world's fourth-oldest surviving university.

You will see stunning examples of architecture just by walking through the cobbled streets of the city centre and Kings Parade, but the best way to see many of the central Colleges is to take a punt tour along the ‘Backs’ of the colleges that are situated along the River Cam. 

This is a really special episode for me and John to share because we go back to our home share some of our favourite places. There really is so much packed into this episode, we tried to fit so much in!


Here are the links from our Explore Europe Cambridge, England episode:


Getting to Cambridge

Trains from Stansted to Cambridge: https://www.thetrainline.com/train-times/stansted-airport-to-cambridge-station

Buses from Stansted to Cambridge: http://www.nationalexpress.com/coach/Landing/route.aspx?to=Cambridge&from=Stansted

Trains from London Kings Cross to Cambridge (also from Liverpool Street, which takes about 30 mins longer: https://www.thetrainline.com/train-times/london-kings-cross-to-cambridge-station


Staying in Cambridge

The Tamburlaine Hotel (pretty fancy - near train station): https://www.thetamburlaine.co.uk

The University Arms Hotel (pretty fancy -very central): https://universityarms.com

Prospero Homes Apartments: http://www.prosperohomes.co.uk

Duke House (gorgeous guest house - very central): http://dukehousecambridge.co.uk

University Students Rooms (very limited but very cool!):  https://www.speedybooker.com/en-GB/group/default.aspx?g=cambridge&brand=wl&partnerid=79&page=%2fen-GB%2fgroup%2fdefault.aspx


Things to Do & See in Cambridge

Cambridge Tourist Website: https://www.visitcambridge.org/

University of Cambridge Visitor Guide: https://www.cam.ac.uk/files/visitor_guide.pdf

Hop on hop off bus: https://city-sightseeing.com/en/87/cambridge

Visitors Guide to Colleges, Museums & Events at the University of Cambridge (note the Zoology Museum is now completely renovated and opened and highly recommended!): https://fusion2018.eng.cam.ac.uk/univisitorguide

Cambridge American Cemetery: https://www.abmc.gov/cemeteries-memorials/europe/cambridge-american-cemetery#.WxobAi-B1Bw

Cambridge University Museums & Collections: https://www.museums.cam.ac.uk

The Botanic Garden: http://www.botanic.cam.ac.uk/Botanic/Home.aspx

The Round Church (one of the four medieval round churches still in use in England): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Sepulchre,_Cambridge

Let’s Go Punting (friendly punt company - book in advance): https://www.letsgopunting.co.uk

Great St. Mary’s Church (walk up to the top for great views): http://www.gsm.cam.ac.uk

The Cambridge Union Debating Society: https://www.cus.org

Ely Cathedral: https://www.elycathedral.org/visit



Pubs & Bars

1815 Bar at The Cambridge Union: https://www.1815-bar.co.uk

The Eagle Pub on Benet Street: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Eagle,_Cambridge

Kings College: http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/visit/index.html

Kings College Chapel Evensong: http://www.kings.cam.ac.uk/events/chapel-services

The Red Lion Pub in Granchester: http://www.redliongrantchester.co.uk

The Rupert Brooke Pub in Granchester: https://www.therupertbrooke.com

The Green Man Pub in Granchester: http://www.thegreenmangrantchester.co.uk

The Cambridge Gin Distillery: http://www.cambridgedistillery.co.uk

Six Roof Top Bar at The Varsity Hotel: https://www.sixcambridge.co.uk

Novi Roof Top Bar in Regent Street: http://novicambridge.co.uk


Restaurants & Food

Restaurant 22 (it’s on Chesterton Road, not Chesterton Lane as we say in the podcast): http://www.restaurant22.co.uk

Midsummer House: http://www.midsummerhouse.co.uk

Steak & Honour: http://www.steakandhonour.co.uk

The Smoke Works (Michelle might have called it The Smoke House in the podcast): http://www.smokeworks.co.uk

Cambridge Food Park (lists all of the street food vans in Cambridge): http://www.foodparkcam.com

Cambridge Market: https://www.visitcambridge.org/shopping/cambridge-market-p528371


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:01 - Welcome to the podcast
1:11 - Where are we going to be exploring today?
2:45 - How do you get to Cambridge?
5:40 - Accomodation - Where should you stay whilst visiting?
6:29 - Michelle explains how you can have your very own Cambridge University experience at the student Halls of residence. (And, possibly pretend that you’re in the Harry Potter movies whilst you’re at it).
7:25 - But, England’s expensive, right? John lifts the lid on the REAL cost of visiting Cambridge
8:10 - More information about accomodation… how about staying with Michelle and John’s cousin for a real authentic hosting experience?
8:55 - What should you see whilst you’re there?
9:17 - John gets going with his famous podacst nooks and crannies of the area.
10:01 - It’s transport time. Information about the park and ride and the hop on and hop off bus (John’s fav : )
10:31 - Michelle shares her experience of visiting The American Cemetry and why you shouldn’t miss it too.
11:59 - Michelle debunks the myths about the college system in the U.K. Let’s see if you can keep up - I think John is struggling.
14:21 - What’s the deal with Cambridge University? John and Michelle discuss what’s great about it and how it got started and the rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
15:19 - Michelle explains the best way to see the colleges of Cambrige
15:40 - John’s must see’s of Cambridge
15:51 - John tells us what Punting is and why you should totally do it whilst in Cambridge!
17:37 - What will you see whilst punting?
18:28 - Michelle and John prepare you for the weather and when the best time to visit ?
19:27 - Even Song - a free event at the free college
20:22 - John talks about the infamous King’s college choir and theri Christmas concerts
20:41 - World famous Fitzwilliam Museum
21:04 - The Botanic Garden
21:26 - The Round Church, Bridge Street and The union Society
22:32 - A podcast insider tip for The Union Society. Listen closely as Michelle knows the bar manager of the place ; )
23:18 - Alumni of Cambridge University
23:58 - Footlights | The Union Society | ADC Theatre
25:52 - English Pubs and English Pub Grub talk
27:45 - Visit The Eagle - the most famous pub in Cambridge. But, why is it so famous?
29:30 - Gonville & Cauis Clock
30:04 - Granchester Meadows
31:38 - How about visiting The Cambridge Gin Distillery?
32:46 - Parker’s Piece - What is is known for? John tells all
33:45 - Here we go…..Food Glorious Food. The best places to eat in Cambridge - from fine dining to street food fares, John and Michelle have you covered.
38:21 - The Rooftop Bars of Cambridge
39:45 - How about visas and passport restrictions?
40:16 - Scared of flying? John tells you how to get to England via Train.
42:19 - Do England accept dollars?
43:57 - Is Cambridge safe to visit?
45:48 - What about travelling with children?
47:18 - Michelle and John add a few more tips (and places to visit) during your trip to Cambridge.
48:30 - Bury St. Edmunds
50:17 - Michelle’s sustainable travel tip

Thanks so much for listening explorers!

If you do visit Cambridge, please do let us know by leaving a comment or tweet using the hashtag #ExploreEurope. We’d love to know what you think about our home.  


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[005] Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest

[005] Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest

June 22, 2018

Explore Europe: Titisee-Neustadt in the Black Forest Show Notes

Titisee-Neustadt is a great little town to start your Black Forest adventures because he has something for everyone. There is so much we could have talked about in this episode but didn’t have time for so I’m just going to encourage you to visit and find out for yourself!


Here are the links from our Explore Europe Titisee-Neustadt episode:


Podcast Conversation Timeline

0:44 - John and Michelle reveal where we will be exploring today.
1:20 - When is the best time to visit the Black Forest?
1:59 - So, how do you get there?
3:00 - You’ve arrived at The Black Forest…..where do you stay?
4:05 - Can you travel in Germany with Pets?
4:46 - Michelle shares more about her hotly guarded secret …a little guesthouse that she loves in The Black Forest
5:58 - Find out about all the great outdoor activities and attractions that await you on your exploration of the black forest. From the….

6:30 - Hinterzarten 12km Walking Trail/Loop with the old saw mill, Ravenna Schlucht canyon, Hof Gut Sternen Glass Blowing Factory,
9:58 - The infamous cuckoo clocks of The Black Forest
11:15 - Michelle delves deeper into more activities/attractions from the Hinterzarten 12km walking trail…
12:23 - Yes, Michelle is talking all about the world famous Black Forest Gateau - whoop whoop
13:48 - The must-see waterfalls to visit
14:30 - Find out all about the exciting 1,150 metre Gutach tobaggan run (or summer rollercoaster as Michelle likes to call it).
15:06 - All the info y’all need to go skiing in the black forest
15:52 - Hiking in The Black Forest - The Titisee Hike
17:27 - Here we go….it’s food time. Michelle and John get to the ‘bare bones’ of the cuisine available in the area
18:12 - What about the mountain bikers out there? Well, Michelle has you covered in this next section
19:43 - Michelle’s tips for getting the best out of your visit
20:58 - Michelle delves into the history of the Bähnle Radweg mountain bike trail
21:50 - Can you hire a bike in the area?
22:27 - Want to know about the local delicacies? We’ve got you covered
25:27 - How does the money work in The Black Forest? Card vs Cash - the debate continues…
26:25 - Is it a safe place to visit?
26:48 - Do they speak English
27:41 - Michelle shares a great trick to keep the kids entertained
30:16 - The highropes course that will get your adrenaline pumping and perfect for families.
31:32 - Little Folks Trail - wildlife trail for families
32:21 - How about a little sightseeing? Well, the Titisee mini bus trip around the town has you covered. Perfect for little ones who aren’t so keen on the outdoor activities.
33:04 - So, it seems like a pretty full on vacation however, Michelle let’s us in on some perfect relaxing places to let off some steam. Ahhh
35:46 - What other places of interest are in the vincinity of the Black Forest?
37:02 - John adds some extra cuckoo clock interesting facts into the conversation for good measure
37:40 - John tells us about his favourite Christmas market in the area, and it wouldn’t be a podcast without John telling us about the nooks and crannies.
38:17 - So, why is The Black Forest called The Black Forest? Find out here….
39:44 - Michelle’s substainable travel tip: Order ice cream in edible cones and reduce trash!

Thanks so much for listening!

Are you planning a trip to the Black Forest? We would love to hear all about your trip and any tips you have for fellow explorers. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @explore_europe and use the hashtag #ExploreEurope


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[004] Budapest in Hungary

[004] Budapest in Hungary

June 20, 2018

Explore Europe: Budapest Show Notes

Budapest is often called the Pearl of the Danube or the Paris of the East. It sits at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe and manages to combine old world charm, through its magnificent architecture and grand coffee houses with modern lifestyle, offering trendy cafés, bars and high restaurants and all for a really affordable price.

Here are the links from our Explore Europe Budapest episode:


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:01 - Welcome to the Podcast
1:46 - Where are we exploring today?
2:31 - The History of Budapest
3:09 - How do you get to Budapest?
3:50 - Ramona gets stuck in with good ole booking.com when it comes to accomodation. But, where should you stay whilst in Budapest? John tells you more…
4:17 - What currency do they use?
4:46 - What should you do when you arrive?
5:22 - John gives you the lay of the land (with a little help of google maps)
6:14 - John’s infamous hop on hop off bus - what do you see and should you do it?
7:39 - Budapest and Communism
8:15 - When is the best time to visit the city?
8:46 - Must see | The natural spas
9:36 - Did you know that Budapest has it’s own version of the statue of liberty? John tells you where you can find it as well as some perfect photo spots.
10:45 - Visit The St. Steven’s Basilica | The main Catholic Church in Budapest
11:11 - Hero’s Square | The Victories Of War | The Buddapest Sign | The Archeangel Gabriel
11:49 - The Budapest Markets and did John love the Hungarian Chilli?
12:29 - Visit the 2nd largest synagague in the world
13:10 - The proud history of the Nobel Prize Laureates
13:55 - Academia and cultural history of Hungary
14:31 - Here we go…it’s food time! What’s the food like and where should you eat?
16:08 - John’s tip to make your trip easier
16:37 - More food glorious food!
17:37 - John explains why you should definitely make it a must- see and visit, ‘The New York Cafe’ whilst you’re visiting Budapest.
19:06 - The Jewish Quarter and the nightlife
19:29 - Hang on, what about fine dining, John?
21:48 - Is Budapest safe to travel to?
22:59 - Do I need to speak Hungarian to visit?
24:22 - Booking with low cost airlines - the pros and cons
27:14 - Any specific visas/passport requirements when visiting?
28:27 - John’s final tips for Budapest
30:43 - Michelle’s sustainable travel tip: Take your own reusable coffee cup with you! 

Are you planning a trip to Budapest? We would love to hear all about your trip and any tips you have for fellow explorers. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @explore_europe and use the hashtag #ExploreEurope


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[003] Heidelberg

[003] Heidelberg

June 5, 2018

Explore Europe: Heidelberg Show Notes

On this episode of Explore Europe we visit the beautiful and historic city of Heidelberg and discover it's charming streets, bridges, buildings and the castle. You can explore all the main attractions in one day so it's certainly worth putting into your diary. 

Did you know that Heidelberg was host to the U.S. Military since the 7th Army moved it's HQ there in the 60s right up until USAREUR handed back the keys to all of the installations in 2015? 


Here are the links from our Explore Europe Heidelberg episode:


Are you planning a trip to Heidelberg? We would love to hear all about your trip and any tips you have for fellow explorers. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @explore_europe and use the hashtag #ExploreEurope


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:01 - Where are we exploring today?

1:11 - Where is Heidelberg, and how do you get there?

1:39 - Traffic and parking

2:07 - Cheap Train Ticket Deals to Heidelberg

2:48 - What is the best public transport for exploring?

3:09  - The Hauptstrasse | - The longest shopping street in Germany!!!

4:13 - Things to see - The Church Of The Holy Spirit |  The Market  

4:48 - The Karl Theodor Bridge

6:33 - The Christmas Markets at Heidelberg

7:21 - The Philosophers Weg - a trail not for the faint of heart

8:53 - So, what’s the food like in Heidelberg? John and Michelle give you their top recommendations.

12:29 - The History of Heidelberg

14:18 - The Main attraction of Heidelberg is the beautiful castle. Or as it’s called in Germany - The Schloss

14:56 - After all that culture, why not visit the world’s largest wine barrel? John tells us more.

15:27 - How do you get to the top of the castle?  

17:15 - Is Heidelberg child-friendly?

18:03 - John’s tips for travelling with little explorers

18:59 - Michelle’s final travel tips to make your visit to Heidelberg exciting and memorable.

20:52 - Michelle’s sustainable travel tip, something to make us all more mindful travellers and reduce our impact on the planet as we explore more of it.


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[002] Berlin

[002] Berlin

June 5, 2018

Explore Europe: Berlin Show Notes

This very first episode of Explore Europe starts in the capital city of Berlin. A fantastic city that is steeped in history, has a long association with the U.S. Military and is full of must-see sights. It's super easy to get to and very simple to get around. Simply put, Berlin is at the top of the list of places you should visit whilst based in Germany!

Here are the links from our Explore Europe Berlin episode:


Are you planning a trip to Berlin? We would love to hear all about your trip and any tips you have for fellow explorers. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @explore_europe and use the hashtag #ExploreEurope


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:01 - Introduction to Berlin

1:28 - The History of Berlin

2:50 - When is the best time to visit?

4:13 - What is the public transport system like?

6:48 - How to book your accommodation

7:37 - Prices of Hotels in the city

8:22 - What is the food like?

8:56 - The Famous Currywurst debate

9:35 - Restaurant recommendations and tips

11:16 - Local Currency and Visa Information

12:13 - Is Berlin a safe city to visit?

12:48 - But, what about the language barrier?

13:35 - Is it family-friendly?

14:35 - The Hotspots of Berlin

15:24 - The infamous Brandenburg Gate and why it’s a must see when visiting Berlin

17:13 - Checkpoint Charlie - what links does it have to the USA and why should you visit?

18:25 - The fall of the Berlin Wall

20:01 - What does John think about spies and how does James Bond connect to Berlin?

20:28 - Michelle and John get cultured and discuss the wall art of Berlin

21:02 - How Berlin is rebuilding from the war - brick by brick

21:53 - Don’t miss these must-see places to visit in Berlin…

22:10 - The Television Tower (Fernsehturm)

22:50 - The shopping mall of Europe - KaDeWe

23:42 - A whole section on German Chocolate - yum!

25:04 - The beautiful architecture of Berlin

25:39 - What is there to see at the Alexander Platz?

26:40 - What’s the best mode of transport to use when getting around the city?

28:17 - Don’t miss Michelle’s sustainable travel tip, something to make us all more mindful travellers and reduce our impact on the planet as we explore more of it.


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[001] Welcome to Explore Europe Podcast

[001] Welcome to Explore Europe Podcast

June 5, 2018

Welcome to Explore Europe! If you are stationed in Germany, or perhaps even Italy or the UK, then this podcast is for you. Get the best out of your tour whilst you are based here.

Explore a new location each week of the series and discover our highlights to help you plan your trip - including some key shortcuts, insider knowledge and suggested itineraries.