Explore Europe

[016] Christmas Markets

December 7, 2018

Explore Europe Christmas Markets Podcast Episode Show Notes

Is there anything better than living in Europe and especially Germany at this time of year. Nothing says Christmas quite like the traditional Weihnachtsmarkt that you will find in every big city, small town and even the tiny villages.

We’ve recommended our favourite Christmas markets throughout this episode, but I’ll bet once you have visited a few, you will have your own. Everyone is unique and each one is worth a visit.

Here are the links from our Explore Europe Christmas Markets episode:

Kaiserslautern Christmas Market

The Rhein Galerie Ludwigshafen

Mannheim Christmas Markets

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Trier Christmas Market

Saarbrücken Christmas Market

Traben-Trarbach Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Baden-Baden Christmas Market

Deidesheim Christmas Market 


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:01 - Welcome to the Christmas Markets episode of Explore Europe

01:14 - John’s tells us about his local Christmas Market - Kaiserslautern

2:00 - Where is the Kaiserslautern market?

2:35 - Try the highly recommended drink of the markets - Feuerzangenbowle

3:43 - Michelle delves into not one, but THREE Christmas Markets in her local area of Mannheim

4:34 - John and Michelle are amused with the items that are on sale at the market. A little hint - it’s not quintessentially Christmas

7:39 - Getting to Mannheim - Especially, where should you park?

09:01 - All the information about the beautiful Heidelberg Christmas market

10:01 - What’s the best form of travel to get to Heidelberg?

11:22 - John divulges some great tips for smaller, local markets around other areas in Germany

12:35 - Trier Christmas Market - all the information you’ll need for a successful visit

13:51 - Saarbrücken Christmas Market - including some great tips from John

15:09 - You won’t believe the highlight of the Saarbrücken Market! Find out here…

15:57 - What currency should you take? Do they accept credit cards at the markets?

16:21 - Do they serve german or french food at Saarbrücken Christmas market?

17:02 - Michelle tells all about the best Christmas market she has visited - Strasbourg

18:38 - John has a fascinating fact about Strasbourg for your next pop quiz

19:01 - How do you get to Strasbourg Christmas market?

22:09 - If you’re an adventurous explorer, Michelle explains how to visit an array of markets in one day.

25:39 -  Traben-Trarbach Christmas Market - Weather and dog friendly

27:49 - Deidesheim Christmas Market - lots of nooks and crannies in this part!

30:55 - John and Michelle’s podcast challenge for you

31:18 - The practicalities of visiting the markets - Parking / Is it safe? / Cash vs card / Child-friendly?

33:39 - Michelle’s Christmas Market round-up

34:20 - Sustainable Travel Tip with Jen Gale


Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time, Explorers.